About rhombas educational


About Rhombas Educational & Technical Society (RETS)

Rhombas Educational and Technical Society, under the Societies Act, 1860, with the overall supervision of Mr. Kushal Monga as the Director and President of the Society, with an objective to create a society where youth from the different section have the opportunity to maximize their potential and to influence decision that affect their lives in a clean, hygiene and secure environment. It is a fast-growing Skill Education Based education society with a reputation for being a quality Information Technology. January, 03, 2008, right from the day when the foundation stone RETS was laid, it took up the work of providing Vocational Education with Social Welfare to the maximum possible section of the Society. In the initial years, Founder & President of the Society, Mr. Kushal Monga was pursuing his higher studies and could not pay complete attention to the affairs of the Society. 

Why Choose Us

Welcome to Rhombas Educational and Technical Society, a leading institution dedicated to empowering and transforming the lives of young individuals. Since our establishment, we have forged ahead with a dedicated team of over 50 staff members, who have successfully trained and equipped more than 7,000 youth over the past 11 years. Our impact has reached far and wide, encompassing over 50 districts, including remote areas of the country.

Our accomplishments are evident through the placement of our trained candidates, who now contribute to the success of over 3,000 clients across diverse domains. Our expertise spans Electronics, Construction, Beauty and Wellness, Retail, Tourism & Hospitality, IT-ITeS, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Apparel and Home Furnishing Industry, Logistics, and many others. As an organization, we constantly strive to innovate and develop new methodologies, such as alternative teaching techniques and learning approaches that foster critical thinking, skill development, and a lifelong love for learning.

At RETS, we pride ourselves on offering a rigorous and intellectually stimulating curriculum. We provide flexibility, allowing students to tailor their education to align with their professional and personal interests and goals. For the past six years, Rhombas Educational and Technical Society have been at the forefront of delivering exceptional skill education in collaboration with esteemed entities like the National Skill Development Corporation and Other Sector Skill Councils. Our reputation has grown as we have been empaneled by renowned skill development missions such as the Haryana Skill Development Mission, Punjab Skill Development Mission, Uttar Pradesh Skill Development Mission, and the National Urban Livelihood Mission of Haryana, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh.

We value our training centers and franchisee partners, recognizing their pivotal role in our success. By prioritizing their needs and providing ongoing support, we cultivate strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Choose Rhombas Educational and Technical Society to embark on a journey of growth, development, and professional achievement.

Join us as we shape the future of skilled professionals and contribute to the nation’s progress.